Blue flag

Track marshal is using blue waved flag to show a slower rider he is about to be overtaken by a faster rider.

The slower rider may not hinder the fast rider. The rider must keep his line and slow down gradually to allow the faster rider to pass him.

Red flag

Red flag indicates that the race or practice is being interrupted and riders must return slowly to the pits.

Black flag (with number)

The rider with this number must stop at the pits at the end of the current lap and cannot restart.

Black flag with orange disk (with number)

This flag informs rider whose motorcycle number is displayed that his motorcycle has mechanical problems likely to endanger himself or others.

That rider must immediately leave the track on a safe place.

Green flag

Green flag means that the track is clear of all hazards so it is the signal  the Warm Up lap can start. This flag must be presented motionless at each marshal post on the first lap of each practice.

Yellow flag

Yellow flag is indicating danger ahead on or nearly the track.  Marshal posts before the danger must wave with it because riders must slow down and be prepared to stop.

Overtaking is forbidden up until the point when the green flag is shown, unless it is a much slower rider.

White flag

White flag means there is a slow moving car, ambulance or similar vehicle on the track.

Rider  must not overtake another rider during the display of the white flag, unless it is a much slower rider and until he passed the vehicle.

Yellow and red striped flag

Oil, water, gravel or another substance is affecting the adhesion of the track.

Chequered Black and white flag

This flag  indicates the finish of a race or practice session.