Services on track -Medical Service

Head of Department of Medical service
Kazimir Juričić, MD

Department of Medical service of Automodrom Grobnik is organized in the medical teams consisting of the drivers, nurses / technicians and doctors. Team leaders are anesthesiologists or doctors specialized in other clinical specialties that are well trained and educated in the implementation of measures of taking care of multi-injured persons and the implementation of measures of resuscitation.

All team members have European Resuscitation Council license (ERC).

Heads of medical teams are experienced specialists in anesthesiology, intensive care and reanimation and they all have license of the World motorcycle organization (FIM).

Automotodrom  Grobnik engages fully equipped highly specialized medical vehicles (FIM mark A), which have equipment that allows the whole range of resuscitation measures in the movement and offer injured persons the highest standard of medical care at the scene and during the  transport to hospital. During big events additional vehicles of all groups by FIM standards A, B and C are hired.

ADDRESS:  T. Strižića 3/ 51 000 RIJEKA
TEL : (051) 407-111